Windows 10 on Linux with VMware Player

  1. Install VMware Player if you have not done so already.

    • Version 16.1.2 of VMware Player has been tested.

    • If you have WSL 2 on your PC, you may be asked on the “Compatible Setup” screen if you want to install Windows Hypervisor Platform (WHP) automatically. Click to enable it:

  2. Go to Microsoft’s Get a Windows 10 development environment webpage and download the VMWare VM:


    Then extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file. It will contain three (3) files named WinDevXXXXEval{.mf,.ovf,-disk1.vmdk}.

  3. Open / double-click the WinDevXXXXEval.ovf file. It should automatically launch VMware and ask you where to save virtual machine.

After starting the virtual machine, you can complete the How to Install instructions.